What’s Biting ?

thumbs_p1010244.jpg red grouper

Red Grouper can be caught in our Gulf waters year round, with no closed season. They are more abundant, than other Groupers and very good table fare ! average 5 – 10 lbs


thumbs_p10102471.jpg tom gag

Gag Grouper can be caught year round, but prefer colder water temp, season  open July 1 – Dec 3 !  average 5-15 lbs



Hogfish are caught year round, these fish are some of the more difficult fish to catch and very tasty, they’re diet is mainly shrimp and crab. We usually catch a few a day!


thumbs_p1010525.jpg amberjack

Amberjack are probably the hardest fighting fish in the Gulf, they gather over  our offshore wrecks , best time Spring and early Fall !  average 15-30 lbs, but catch em up to 80 lbs


thumbs_p1010279.jpg cuda

Barracuda are abundant on our artificial reefs and wrecks , plenty of action on light tackle, and very good to eat !  Barracuda prefer the warm water, so the best time is  Summer !  average 5-15 lbs  up to 50 lbs   We only eat the small ones !



Kingfish are our speedsters of the Gulf , reaching speeds up to 30 mph, that’s  why we call em ” Smokers ”  lots of fun to catch on light tackle.  They are migratory species , so we catch em in the Spring and Fall !  average 5-20 lbs up to 40 lbs



Tuna are also one of our migratory species, they travel in from the deep water in April and May !  average 20-35 lbs



Red Snapper are our deep water species, we have to run out a minimum of 30 miles to catch these wonderful fish ! There is a very short season for these big snapper-40 days in 2014 , June 1- July 10 !      average 5-15 lbs


thumbs_p1010276-1.jpg jewfish

Goliath Grouper are on our artificial reefs and wrecks, these Groupers are protected for harvest , but these big bruisers are a battle for that certain someone that just can’t get enough ! average 100-300 lbs