Best Ever

tom grey

Hey Capt. Tom


Just wanted to say myself and my whole crew had an absolute blast. Two of them called me the next day and told me that was the BEST fishing trip they have EVER been on. Everybody else called and thanked me for setting it up…………so I am sharing the love and thanking you for such a great trip. I have been fishing all my life and one of the hardest things (to me) is coming back tired and beat, icing down the fish either in coolers or garbage cans, dragging them all over the place and cleaning and bagging them up the next day. No muss or fuss with you a BIG plus in my book. Jorden did a great job as well and deserves a pat on the back. We are all already talking of another trip sooooo more than likely, you will be seeing us again before the end of this year.

Thanks again

Tom Grey

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