Family memorys

peter and puala

Capt Tom,

Allow us to begin by thanking you for all of our wonderful memories.  Looking back, we have now been chartering with you for almost 15 years.  You always make our charters fun, safe, and productive.  Fishing with you and your mates has always been the highpoint of our annual Florida vacation.  All three of our boys have grown-up with incredible experiences and we often find ourselves talking about different trips over the dinner table, usually when eating some tasty grouper or snapper!   They eat a lot now…so thanks for always putting us “on the fish!”  I whole-heartedly give you the highest endorsement and would recommend you to anyone who enjoys a day fishing (actually catching!), including those with young families as well as “serious” anglers.  Thanks for being such a special part of our lives and, as always, we look forward to our next offshore outing.

With deepest appreciation,

Peter & Paula Iacobell


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